Kirklees Council

Photon Energy completed the installation of PV systems on 53 terraced houses and 4 community centres for Kirklees Council.  The PV installations were part of a wider project aimed at supporting the local community.

Details of the installations

The PV systems were retrofitted onto 53 late Victorian, terraced properties using bolt-on mounting systems. The project was phased so that all houses in each terrace had their PV system installed at the same time.

The pitched roofs at the community centres were of varying types; two were tiled, one standing seam and one slate. The layout of the PV modules had to be designed to work around existing obstructions on the roofs.

Ruth Sherratt, Project Manager at Kirklees Council, said:

“I’ve been impressed by the dedication everyone has put in to really making this work.”

Further information

The domestic properties were either owner occupied or privately rented, and were all in a clearly defined area of Huddersfield.  The owners of the properties have assigned the feed-in tariff to Kirklees Council, who will use the revenue to fund future community projects.  Occupants benefit directly from the electricity generated by the PV systems, which reduces their energy bills.

The work was managed by Photon Energy, from the receipt of address lists, surveys and installation to commissioning.  The Council appointed Yorkshire Energy Services (YES) to oversee administration related to Photon Energy’s work and assist with the resident liaison.

Equipment summary

  • Houses:
    • 1.7-2.1 kWp each
  • Community centres:
    • 3, 4, 8, 18 kWp
  • PV modules:
    • Schüco MPE210 PS05
  • Inverters:
    • SMA Sunny Boy and SMC
  • Mounting system:
    • Schüco PV Light