East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Photon Energy has completed the installation of a 100 kWp and a 135 kWp photovoltaic (PV) systems on depots for East Riding of Yorkshire Council.  Working for Geo. Houlton & Co., the installations were the first of a programme of installations to be completed by Photon Energy.

Details of the installation

Photon Energy installed a 100 kWp PV system at Goole depot and a 135 kWp PV system at Melton Supplies Depot. 

Both projects were completed in parallel with works on site lasting just 5 weeks from start to finish. The two sites were the first in a planned roll-out to a number of sites across East Yorkshire, all owned by East Riding of Yorkshire Council. All sites were delivered through ERYC’s framework contractor, with Geo. Houlton & Co.

The installation at Goole Depot is spread across three different buildings – the main office building, the garages and the vehicle maintenance unit.  Inverters were installed in each of the three buildings and AC cabling then run across the site to create a single connection at the main distribution board.

Philip Matthews, Assistant Principal Engineer (Electrical) at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said:

the successful installation of these two PV systems made a valuable contribution to the council's on going programme of energy and carbon footprint reduction targets."

The system at Melton Supplies Depot is a single large system on the roof of the main depot building. This meant that large Fronius central inverters could be used.

The systems were all fixed using K2 System’s ‘SpeedRail’ mounting system which uses clips that simply screw into the metal sheet with washers to seal the holes.

Most of the roofs had skylights which made the layout of the PV modules more complex and also created a health and safety hazard so systems were put in place to ensure that installation staff could not fall through the skylights.

Equipment summary

  • System size:
    • Goole Depot 100 kWp, Melton Supplies Depot 135 kWp
  • PV modules:
    • LDK235P-20
  • Inverters:
    • Goole Depot Fronius IGPlus150 / IGPlus120, Melton Supplies Depot Fronius CL60.0
  • Mounting system:
    • K2 Systems SpeedRail