Raven Housing Trust

Photon Energy completed the installation of 33 domestic photovoltaic (PV) systems in/near Redhill for Raven Housing Trust. The PV modules were mounted on the south-facing roofs of the dwellings, and provide free electricity to the tenant

Details of the PV systems

PV systems of between 1.175 kWp and 3.76 kWp were installed on a total of 7 houses and 26 bungalows for Raven Housing Trust. Raven Housing are receiving Feed-in Tariff payments as well as payment for any electricity which is exported, while the residents benefit from the free electricity at times when the system is generating.

The energy output from the PV systems is predicted to be around 70,000 kWh per year and they will save over 36 tons of CO2 emissions per year. The scheme was funded by Raven Housing Trust.

Claire Lipop, Head of Environment Sustainability at Raven Housing Trust, said:

“Photon Energy provided a competitive price and good customer service to our residents. With the change in the government tariff they pulled out all the stops to ensure the majority of our schemes met the higher tariff deadline so we are very pleased with the outcome.”

Further information

Photon Energy was responsible for all aspects of the installations, from site surveys to commissioning, including tenant liaison, creating a safe working environment, and liasing with the DNO.

Sustainability is one of the core values of Raven Housing and is key to their long term success and stability. Sustainability can support Raven to achieve efficiency, excellent services, better standards for new and existing homes, deliver value for money and achieve best practice. Raven have delivered a number of environmental projects, and have their own Sustainability Strategy which sets out their environmental objectives.

William Delabre, Project Manager at Photon Energy, said:

“This was a challenging project. We had to liaise with residents, and deal with related issues such as removal of moss growth on some of the roofs. We were pleased to complete the project within the planned time frame.”

Equipment summary

  • System size: 86kWp (total)
  • No of properties: 33
  • PV modules: LDK 235Wp
  • No of PV modules: 365
  • Inverters: SMA SB1200 – SB3300
  • Mounting system: K2 roof hooks and rails