Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing

Photon Energy installed a 15.8 kWp photovoltaic (PV) system at Oxford Grange, a sheltered housing block in Gomersal near Leeds, for Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing (KNH).  Rather than using a standard bolt-on mounting system, solar tiles were used to replace conventional roof tiles.

Details of the installation

The Oxford Grange sheltered housing block underwent a major refurbishment programme which included re-roofing the building. KNH decided to use roof-integrated PV tiles which replace conventional tiles.

The predicted energy output from the PV system is 13,000 kWh per year and will save a total of 7.4 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.  The output from the installation is fed into the landlord’s supply to provide power for communal lighting.

For this project, Coleshill Solar’s SolarTiles were used and at the time this was the largest such installation in the UK.  The SolarTiles were developed in conjunction with Marley Roofing and the University of Southampton.  The SolarTiles consist of an injection-moulded plastic base unit, and a glass-tedlar PV module which slides into the base unit.  The modules are wired before the PV modules are inserted, and the electrical contact is made using standard connectors fixed to the base units.  Each SolarTile replaces two and a half standard Marley roof tiles.  The SolarTiles interlock with each other as well as with conventional concrete tiles.

Adrian Owen, Energy Officer at Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing, said:

“This project worked out very well.  I’m pleased with the installation; the integrated PV tiles look great.”

Equipment summary

  • System size:
    • 15.8 kWp
  • PV modules:
    • Marley SolarTiles, 30Wp
  • No of PV modules:
    • 526
  • Inverters:
    • 2 x SMA SMC7000HV