Christ's Hospital

Photon Energy installed a 1.125 MW ground mounted system at Christ's Hospital, Horsham, West Sussex. The project completed February 2016.

Details of the installation

The PV system consists of 4272 x Trina 275W monocrystalline black framed PV modules. The modules are mounted in portrait, double stacked rows with 20 in each string. Following a geotechnical survey and pullout test undertaken by Corbin Industries, it was decided to use a 2 pole mounting frame.

Keeping close to Christ’s Hospital’s need for high quality equipment, Photon chose to install the Schneider Optimum range of inverters which included AC and DC surge protection. The system comprises of 37 inverters connected to 11 individual PV distribution boards which feed back to the main LV panel board in a GRP enclosure which also houses a 1 MW transformer. As part of the contract Photon Energy installed a 1 km long permanent access track to allow future site maintenance services.

For added security a 2m mesh panel fence was installed around the perimeter of the site with thermal imaging CCTV connected to the school’s security system.

The PV system will generate around 1,300 MWh/yr of electricity and save 674 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year.  

Jonathan Bates, Managing Director of Photon Energy, said, “It is great for Photon Energy to be involved in such a high profile project. By investing in this scheme Christ’s Hospital have diversified away from full reliance on the National Grid and will generate clean, affordable and reliable energy for generations of children.”

Equipment summary

  • System size: 1.125 MW
  • PV modules: Trina 275W
  • Inverters: Schneider Conext
  • Mounting system: Corbin Industries 2 portrait mounting frame

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