Sulhampstead Farm

Photon Energy installed a 50 kWp solar PV system at a dairy farm in Sulhampstead. The PV modules were fixed to the roofs of two of the cow sheds.

Details of the installation

The PV modules were installed the roofs of two cow sheds.   The roofs both faces southwest and had a pitch of 15 degrees. The PV modules were clamped using an aluminium rail PV mounting system fixed to the roof purlins using hanger bolts.

The PV system was connected to the farm’s electricity supply in the main barn.  This involved a long DC cable run from the array on the roof of the smaller barn to the inverters which were located outside the main barn.  As the inverters were located outside, they had an IP65 rating.

Photon Energy was responsible for the design, project management, installation and commissioning of the system and also carried out structural calculations to confirm that the barn roof was strong enough to cope with the weight of the PV system.

The roof was constructed of fibre cement sheets interspersed with transparent panels. As the fibre cement sheets were several years old, the installation team worked with boards in case any of the sheets broke. 

The PV system generates 40,400 kWh of electricity and saves over 21 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Chris Carless, a Senior Engineer of Photon Energy, said, “It was a challenge to complete the installation within the time available. Thanks to the co-operation of everyone involved the work was completed in time.”

Equipment summary

  • System size: 50 kWp
  • PV modules: 208 x LDK 240-P
  • Inverters: SMA Tripower
  • Mounting System: K2