Photon Energy Move Office

We are pleased to announce we have moved offices into our new premises which will give us the space to continue our steady growth as the PV and wind company of choice for our commercial and agricultural clients.

After finally completing the purchase of 8 Windsor Square in Reading on 22nd August, it has been a real challenge to get everything ready for the move. In a very hectic 3 weeks, we have completely refurbished the 3-storey building and tried to make it as energy efficient as possible. We have fitted low energy T5 lights, a new high efficiency condensing boiler, and thermostatic radiator valves on the every radiator. We’ve put in bike racks to encourage people to cycle to work as well as putting in a new shower. And we’re still only a 15 minute walk from Reading Station (although we do now also have our own parking).

We’ve also decorated, re-carpeted and furnished the office and had new phones and IT systems put in. And we achieved this in only 3 weeks and managed to move almost seamlessly on 6th September. Many thanks go to Rolf for all his hard work over the last 3 months in ensuring everything was done as smoothly as we could have wished.