Energy Storage Systems

Photon Energy install solar battery storage systems for commercial/industrial as well as for residential applications.  There has been huge progress in the development of storage batteries, resulting in increased performance and life expectancy at continually falling costs. 

Commercial Battery Storage

Battery storage systems work well in conjunction with renewable energy technologies such as solar, but they can also provide additional revenues, particularly in the commercial sector. Photon Energy is one of the few UK Tesla Powerpack Certified companies and can also fit other brands such as Tesvolt

Potential revenue streams are:

  • Time shifting to maximise self-consumption
  • Time shifting for peak avoidance
  • Grid balancing services such as firm or enhanced frequency response (FFR/EFR)
  • Capacity Market
  • Grid support e.g. Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR)

Some but not all of these can be combined (‘revenue stacking’). For more information on battery storage revenues click here.


Tesla Powerpack                          

Residential Battery Storage

Residential battery systems are typically combined with solar PV systems, and allow the householder to increase self-consumption.  Surplus energy generated by a PV installation during the day when there is little demand can be used in the evening.  Photon Energy is an approved Tesla Powerwall installer and can also fit other brands such as Leclanché, LG Chem and sonnenBatterie.

Download Tesla Powerwall 2 specification for singe phase site, or three phase site.